What to Expect

We are very careful in our casting. If you are chosen because of your uniqueness and because you fit the character required for a part.
Much thought went into your selection.

Set Etiquette - There are rules for behavior on set.

Please come 10 to 15 minutes early to fill out paper work and to eat breakfast.
Your call time is the time you need to report to the wardrobe department, not the time to check in.

    * Please remember to bring your driver’s license and social security card for your paperwork.

    * When you report to wardrobe  (if you haven’t done a fitting)  you will be asked to wear the designer’s choice. Remember you are a character and our designer has the big picture in mind. Please cooperate and abide by the designer’s decision.  That is part of being an actor.

    * The same applies for hair and makeup. Remember you are playing a character, not yourself. Again please abide by the decisions made by the hair and make up artists. Please come with clean hair.

    * While on set, keep conversation to a minimum, listen to the Assistant directors and listen for the “rolling, rolling” cue.

    * Do not look directly into the camera  - ever. Pretend that the camera does not exist. Make it melt away.

    * The assistant directors will give you  a start position or “First Position” . When you receive a cue proceed with the action the assistant director has given you, but when you hear cut return to your first position unless you are instructed otherwise. Often you will hear “Back to One” as a cue to return to your first positon.

    * You may spend some time waiting in holding for camera set ups. This generally happens when the camera and lights have to be moved. Sometimes this takes hours, so please bring a book, cards or any work you can do.

    * Please do not bring anything valuable with you, do not wear expensive jewelry, or bring much money. We  provide meals and snacks.

    * You may bring cell phones, but they must be turned off on set.

    * No cameras or pictures allowed. Please do not take any photographs under any circumstances. On most projects this would be cause for dismissal immediately.

    * Do not speak to the actors unless they speak to you first. Remember that they are in character and if you speak to them you take them out of character.

    * You should receive your paycheck in two to three weeks. Please keep all of your receipts for the work you have done. Payroll companies make mistakes. If you have a problem, please call the payroll company first because once the paperwork leaves us at the end of the day we do not have access to it. It is best to contact the payroll company first.