What to Bring to a Casting Call

Come prepared to our casting call: 1) BRING A PEN to write with 2) know your sizes Men: Height/Weight neck/sleeve in inches Waist/inseam (waist is at the belly button, not below the belly) Jacket Shoe Women: Height/Weight Bra size waist/hips in inches Dress size Shoe Children: Height/Weight pants/shirt/dress size shoe 3) Bring a headshot if you have one, but remember we always take photos, so if you do not it is okay because we will take your picture. 4) Please put your child's date of birth on their casting card 5) Your interview will be short, only about 2 to 3 minutes, I will ask a few questions, don't tell me your life story, others are waiting to get through the line so just show me your great smile and answer my questions. Hope to see you on set soon Elizabeth