How to Get Speaking Roles

I have been receiving a great number of inquiries about getting speaking roles, so please refer to this blog instead of calling me.

It is very difficult to get speaking roles because first, you must be very natural and very good and second, there is a great deal of competition for these roles; therefore, you must take some very proactive steps to get your role which will lead to a SAG card. These steps do not guarantee you a role, they are just suggestions on a path most likely to get you a role.

1. Take acting classes and attend them regularly. Do not think one or two classes will teach you how to be an actor. It is an on-going lifetime learning experience. You can find qualified coaches on
2. Get involved in as much theater as you can, Albuquerque Little Theater, Tricklock, Blackout, volunteer to do props or lighting or whatever you can to get into the acting environment. Audition for any roles you feel you would fit.  Go to for theater auditions.
3. Audition for any appropriate role in student and low-budget films no matter the pay. Work for free or for pizza. Just build your resume.
4 Register with all of the extras casting directors listed at 
5. Get a professional headshot and do an acting resume.
6. Get an agent.  This is the most difficult of all, look for agents listed on You must get two letters of recommendation. Please note that Lorrie and I rarely give recommendation letters. You must have worked with us for an extended period of time, have a perfect attendance record and show some acting talent. Once you have an agent, they will submit you for appropriate roles.

Good luck and please do not call me about getting speaking roles.