Bio - Elizabeth Gabel

A native of New Mexico, Elizabeth Gabel knows New Mexico talent and has cast from Las Vegas to Roswell, and because she is familiar with the state and its unique  combination of  cultures, Gabel is well equipped to  cast any project that requires a variety of characters.

As a producer Gabel won a Telly for her work on Governor Bill Richardson’s anti DWI Campaign. She has produced three documentaries and numerous, advertising campaigns for the State of New Mexico.  Currently, Gabel is casting background and locals for directors such as Nikki Caro, the Coen Brothers, Ed Harris, James Mangold, McG, Taylor Hackford, and Gore Virbinski. In addition to casting local speaking roles in Appaloosa, Gabel has cast day players in several independents as well as commercials and industrials and has had dozens of background tapped for speaking roles in such films as Terminator Salvation, Lone Survivor, and Lone Ranger, Tanscendance and more recently Scorch Trials the sequel to Maze Runner. .

Gabel is a student of Chinese martial arts and has traveled to China to meet with the Shoulin Monks in Dong Fong and the Daoists Monks on Wu Don  Mountain. Although Gabel studied Kung Fu and Tai Chi for 12 years, she specializes in Tai Chi Sword and appreciates a good sparing session.

Gabel has been married to Joe for 31 years and has three children. She and Joe own and operate Serafian’s Oriental Rugs on Wyoming. Gabel currently attends Desert Springs Church.